Ministry of Education of  Moscow region
State educational institution of
higher education of  Moscow region
«State University of Humanities and Technology»


  1. Initial acceptance of the manuscript is carried out by the Executive Secretary of the journal for compliance of the presented materials to the scientific directions of the journal and the general requirements for registration.
  2. The materials sent to the journal are not returned to the authors.
  3. The Executive Secretary organizes reviewing of manuscripts presented to the editorial office. The review involves both members of the Editorial Board of the journal and recognized experts on the subject of the reviewed materials. Reviews received on the initiative of the author are not considered.
  4. The manuscript is reviewed in confidence. Disclosure of confidential details of reviewing violates the rights of the author. The author of the manuscript is given the opportunity to read the text of the review.
  5. The reviewer should examine the given manuscript within one week since receiving it  and send a review or a reasoned refusal to  the Editorial Board  and to the author of the  publication.
  6. The review should contain recommendations for the publication of the manuscript or recommendations for publication after revision, taking the commentsinto consideration. The competence of the reviewers includes specific recommendations to correct the observed deficiencies.

The review highlights the following issues:

* whether the title of the article corresponds to its content;

* whether the size of the article corresponds to its content;

* relevance of the topic;

* scientific novelty of the article;

* practical significance of the article;

* selection of keywords;

* whether the abstract corresponds to the title of the article;

* whether the list of references corresponds to the subject of the work;

* setting aims and tasks in the article;

* the logic and correlation of the presentation;

* formulation of conclusions and recommendations;

* quality of presentation (language, style);

* remarks and comments of the reviewer;

* general assessment of the scientific article;

* conclusion of the reviewer on the possibility of publishing  the article in the scientific journal «Vestnik of  State University of  Humanities and Technology».


  1. Certified by signatures of reviewers the original reviews are stored in the editorial board of the journal for 5 years. The editorial Board undertakes to send copies of reviews to the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation when the corresponding request is received by the editorial Board.
  2. The article accepted for publication, but in need of revision, is sent to the author with the text of the review. The author is obliged to correct the remarks and return the corrected version of the manuscript to the editorial office no later than one week after the day of its sending. If the article is not returned by the author after completion, it is removed from consideration.
  3. The revised version of the author’s manuscript should be submitted to the Editorial Board in text and electronic versions in full accordance with the requirements of their submission and registration. The author’s reference with the list of the amendments is attached to the text of the manuscript. If the authors do not agree with any comment, this disagreement should be justified in the response to the review. The article sent by the author to the Editorial Board after the elimination of comments is considered in the genaral order.
  4. The final decision on the publication of the manuscript is made by the editor-in-chief, if necessary, the Editorial Board.
  5. The opinion of the Editorial Board may not coincide with the opinion of the authors. Authors bear full responsibility for the content of materials, accuracy of translating the abstract, quoting bibliographic information.
  6. The fact that the author sends the article for the intended publication in the journal is the fact that the author admits the conditions of reviewing, publishing the text of the article in the journal, including the translation and other work, as well as since the moment of publication in the journal – the fact of granting the journal the right to use at its discretion the article, reproduction, distribution and  replacement of the text and its references in different information databases.

Editorial Board